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Welcome to the Moroccan Alaouis Wiki

Welcome to the Official Moroccan Alaoui's Wikia page. In this page you will discover all about the alaouite dynasty who are the current ruling group and the royal family in Morocco. The founder of the Alaoui and the one who brought it to Morocco is Moulay Ali Cherif and he is the first Alaoui ruler all the the way to the current ruler Mohamed VI.

Alaoui dynasty

The Alaouite dynsaty is the name of the current Moroccan royal family. It is not the alaoui's of Egypt and Sudan that was founded by Muhamed Ali Pasha also its not the Alawites of Syria and Lebanon (Shia Nusayri Alaoui), this the Alaoui of Morocco founded by Ali Ibn Abi Talib and brought to Morocco by Moulay Ali Cherif who became the prince of Tafilalt. The Alaouites entered Morocco at the end of the 13th century,The Alaoui descend from the Muslim prophet Muhamed through the line of Fatima az Zahra. The Saadi dynsasty (The rulers of Morocco 1554-1659) are the cousins of the Alaouis. The capitail cities in the history of the Alaoui's are Meknes (1672-1727) under the reign of Ismail Sharif and Marrakesh was the capitail city of Morocco in the Alaouite dynasty in certain periods but was a capitail city of Morocco in Almoravid dynasty, Almohad dynasty and Saadi dynasty. Rabat is the current Moroccan capitail city and was capitail city from (1912-) under the king Yusef of Morocco. In the alaoui family the longest king that had the throne the most was Ismail Sharif  (1672-1727) 55 years of throne. Most of the kings that descended after  Ismail Sharif  are some of  Ismail Sharif  1052 children from  Abdul Abass Ahmad to Abdallah VI 15 Moroccan kings were children of  Ismail Sharif

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The Alaoui Royal Standard